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What is stump Removal

Stump removal consists of a much more intrusive process than stump grinding. It involves removing the whole stump with the root system completely out. it requires, in most cases, an excavator. To remove the stump, which causes, in most cases, a lot of damage to existing sod or area around the stump. Stump removal is much more expensive than stump grinding as it is much more invasive than the stump grinding process. The only reason usually to completely remove stumps is to prepare the site for building a slab, structure, driveway, pool, or planting a new tree. that is when complete stump removal is a must otherwise, stump grinding is a much more economical option. Strictly stump removal services have 40 years of Professional Experience in stump removal, and we employ the most modern equipment for stump excavation.

Stump Removal Near You

If you need to prepare a site for building a slab, structure, driveway, pool, or planting a new tree, but an existing tree or stump is in your way, look to Strickly Stump Removal for help. 

Complete stump removal typically follows these steps, which involve the physical extraction of the entire stump and its root system:

First, a professional tree removal service will assess the stump and surrounding area to devise a removal strategy. The process often begins with the excavation of the soil around the stump to expose the roots. Large roots are then carefully severed from the stump using various cutting tools.

Once the roots are severed, the stump itself can be extracted from the ground using specialized equipment like a stump puller, winch, or excavator. This process may involve digging under the stump to free it from the soil. The stump is then lifted and pulled out entirely, ensuring no remaining portion is left below the surface.

After removal, any remaining debris, such as small roots or wood chips, is cleared from the site. The area is leveled and prepared for potential landscaping or construction.

Complete stump removal is a labor-intensive task and may require the assistance of an experienced tree removal professional, especially for larger or deeply rooted trees. Hiring a professional tree removal service ensures that the removal process is safe and efficient and leaves the area ready for the next phase of your landscaping or construction project. Strickly Stump Removal has 40 years of professional experience in stump removal, and we employ the most modern equipment for stump excavation. 

REasons For Stump Removal

  • repairing site for slab or construction of building 
  • Preparation of the site for building pool or driveway.
  • Preparation to install new tree in place of the stump.
  • Safety and insurance hazard reduction.
  • Preparing for underground utilities.
  • Remove stumps to avoid decay, diseases, pest fungus

We specialize in stump removal. Please see pictures & videos below of our jobs.

When Do You Need Stump Removal?

You may need to remove a tree stump for multiple reasons. If you are unsure whether you need a stump grinding service or a stump removal service, contact the specialists at Strickly Stump Removal for expert advice. We will explain and present all of the options to you.

  • Landscape Redesign: When you want to renovate your landscape and create a new layout, removing existing tree stumps can free up space for new plantings or features.
  • Hazardous Obstacles: Stumps left in high-traffic areas, such as walkways or play areas, can pose tripping hazards to people and may require removal for safety reasons.
  • Construction Projects: Tree stumps can hinder construction projects by getting in the way of building foundations, driveways, or other structures. Removing the stumps is essential to clear the site for construction.
  • Landscape Restoration: In areas affected by storms, natural disasters, or land degradation, stump removal may be part of the restoration process to bring the landscape back to its original state.
  • Pest and Disease Prevention: Old or decaying stumps can attract pests like termites, ants, and fungi, potentially leading to infestations or disease spread to nearby healthy trees.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: Stumps can be eyesores that detract from the beauty of your property. Removing them can enhance the overall appearance of your landscape.
  • Replanting and Gardening: If you want to replant trees or start a garden in the same area where a tree stump exists, removal is necessary to create a suitable space for new growth.
  • Obstruction of Utilities: Stumps located near utility lines or underground infrastructure can cause problems and may need to be removed to prevent damage.
  • Encroachment Prevention: Stumps that are too close to buildings or other structures can cause root intrusion, potentially damaging foundations or causing structural issues.
  • Land Development: Before converting natural land into residential or commercial properties, stump removal is often required to prepare the site for development. 


Tree stump removal can be challenging and requires the use of specialized equipment. Hiring a professional tree stump removal near me ensures that the stumps are safely and efficiently removed, allowing you to utilize your property to its fullest potential and maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

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